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Grow your profits by expanding into new markets the right way

It takes a real art to sell stuff on Amazon. As you have probably learned by now, it takes real thought and optimization to create a successful product page. But even if you have refined the secret formula, it’s not as easy as simply copying it over to the next market.

Each market is unique. We have a network of native experts specialized in localization that will make your product stand out. They write descriptions that are not only optimized for Amazon but also for the local people who will buy your product.

Use real words for real people to attract real sales.

State of the art localization to guarantee you world-wide sales

True localization is about more than just stuffing words into a translator. It’s about sounding right. It’s a mixture of translating and copywriting – keeping in mind the Amazon key listing principles. And most importantly, it’s about speaking to the locals in their native language.

Localisation Standard Package



Keyword research.

Cultural appropriation.

A generic template for a follow up email sequence in your language of choice.

Localisation from English to one country of your choice : Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

For more than one country – please go to our custom package as we should be able to offer you a discounted price.

Custom Package
Price : A formal quote will be provided following consultationand based on your specific requirements

Tailored solution to meet your specific needs. This might include but is not limited to:

Bulk deals of more than 1 listing page or localisation into more than 1 market place.

Create a listing from scratch for your product in German, French, Italian or Spanish with no source file to work from.

Create a top-notch listing page for you in English for customers wanting to sell in Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or India.

Your custom and tailored email follow up sequence in your languages of choice.

Translation of customer correspondence and your response to customer queries.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We optimize your product images to drive consumer confidence to a purchase

With Amazon you only have 1 opportunity at your fingertips – capture your shoppers with a stunning lead image in the search results. In today’s world we are living in a “visually-driven commerce.” People go to images first. If they like what they see, then they will continue to read further. So, let’s give them something which puts your image in the best light and ultimately leads to more sales.

Basic Package $200 Per 9 images
  1. Send us your own images of your product.
  2. We will edit and optimize based on Amazon requirements and your specifications.
  • Remove background.
  • Crop, rotate, adjust contrast and enhance colours etc.
  • Insert rulers for measurement.
  • Add descriptive text.
  • Cut multiple images to create a single photograph (note this might have an impact on the final price).
Professional Package (recommended) $350 Per 9 images of 1 item
  1. Post us your items and our professional photographer in our London-based studio will photograph them, including lifestyle shots, if desired.
  2. We will edit and optimise based on Amazon requirements and your specifications.
  3. 9 top quality images of one item delivered to you for your Amazon listing page.
  4. Images will be taken under controlled environment and lighting for best effect.
  5. We welcome and will try our best to incorporate any special instructions you may have.
  6. Select up to 9 images for your final delivery. These will undergo post processing and any necessary digital editing.

If you require more than 9 images, or more than 1 item photographed then choose custom package and get a best price for your specific needs.

Custom Package (recommended)

Price: will be assessed post consultation and upon knowing your specific requirements.

  1. Any variation to the basic or customs package. This might include but is not limited to:
  • Bulk orders: we will assess your needs and strive to offer you a discounted price.
  • Outdoors images : may include the use of specific backdrops.
  • Models : for lifestyle images.


Launch your product into new European markets with proper localization & optimization

Technical Translation

Descriptions written specifically for local buyers.

Document Translation

Optimized with best title, target keywords, and images.

Image Enhancement

Created with an understanding for the local culture.


What is the benefit of localisation as compared to a simple translation?

Simple translation, whether put through a machine or carried out by humans, will sound odd and confusing most of the time. If you want to truly convert sales, you need to speak to browsers in their native local tongue (by ‘localisation’).

Where do you get your translators?

We work only with highly skilled and qualified translators who are all native speakers of their language of specialization.

What combinations of localisation can you provide?

Most of our clients are looking for English to German, English to French, English to Italian and English to Spanish localisation, but we can offer any combination you are interested in, so please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Are your prices negotiable?

The prices displayed on this website represent specific packages. For most customers, these would be a guide price only. This is because every client has their own unique set of requirements and it would not be possible to offer a stock pricing matrix to satisfy each individual. Please feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to offer you a non-binding tailored quote based on your specific needs.

Can you offer localisation from non-European languages to European languages?

Certainly. We are always up for a good challenge! Tell us more about what you would like to achieve and we would love to work with you.

Must I have some source data ready in order for you to help me with my European listings?

No. If you have your source data available, we can use this for localisation. But if you prefer, we have expert copywriters at our disposal and we can create your listings from scratch.

Do you carry out any keyword research during the localisation process?

Yes, absolutely. Your data and requirements would first go to our research team which would use a wide range of tools to generate the best keywords for your product in the target language.

Can you share some of this keyword research data with me to help me with my PPC campaigns?

Yes, definitely. At the point of delivery, we can advise you on some of our findings that might assist you in creating that killer ad campaign from the get go.

Can you also help me create follow up email templates in the target language?

Yes. We have templates we can offer you free with any order. But if you require something more tailored then we can translate your own templates for you or create email templates from scratch. Just bring this up when you are placing your custom order.

Do you offer any revisions of your work?

Yes. Our aim is to satisfy our customers from the outset but if you are not entirely happy with your order for any reason, we offer up to 3 revisions prior to your final approval and the subsequent delivery of your data.

Can I not just get my listings translated from Fiverr?

Why risk it? After your products themselves, your listing pages are the single most crucial element of your business. Unless you are a native speaker of your target language, you cannot be sure that what you are being provided with is accurate. The translation will probably not be carried out by native speakers, let alone by those who base their work on thorough statistical keyword analysis.

What is ‘sworn translation’ and is this something you can provide?

Yes. We can provide you with sworn translations. Sworn translation is often required for official documents whereby the translation is carried out by translators who are qualified and approved by the governments of the target language. Upon completing the translation, the translators would stamp their translations. This ensures that the resulting translated document can be treated as an official document by government officials of that country. In terms of Amazon selling, sworn translation would be required if e.g. you need to register for VAT in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic or Poland.

Where do you carry out your photography?

Currently we carry out photography from our London based studios. We are extremely proud of our imaging services and are certain that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Can you create lifestyle images of our products using models?

Yes, we can. We have a number of models we work with regularly and we would be happy to work with you in the selection of models and mood boards to create the right solution for your needs.

Can you do outdoor shoots for the lifestyle images?

Yes. We can work with you to decide on the most suitable location for your lifestyle images to create the most impact.

Do I get to choose the images I want to use?

Yes. We would show you 50 or so raw images of each item for you to select your favourites from. We would then finish off those selected images for you by post processing and digital editing.

Would the images conform to Amazon specifications?

Yes. We work to Amazon specs. Our images would be 100% compliant.

What format would you deliver the final images in?

We provide the output images in web resolution JPEG and also in print resolution TIFF.

Do you offer a referral/affiliate scheme?

Yes, at World Wide Listings, we rely heavily on word of mouth referrals for our marketing. We have a generous referral and affiliate scheme offering up to $100 per referral. Get in touch straight away or visit our affiliate page for more information.

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