The connoisseur of Amazon Listings


Tafhim’s past experience has been in UK Government Supply Chain Management, managing multi-million-dollar projects liaising with third party suppliers in the UK, Europe, Mauritius and India. This work involved, apart from other things, managing translation and transcription projects for TNA (The National Archives of England & Wales).

When Tafhim became legally blind in 2005, his priorities in life changed quite a lot, and he became more committed to helping others with similar disabilities. Having engaged with numerous business ventures and researched many others over the past many years, what most fascinated him about Amazon is not just a phenomenal business model in its own right, but that it offers amazing opportunities to blind and disabled sellers as well. With the success he has had across different Amazon markets, he is committed to helping others expand beyond their physical borders.

Tafhim is committed to donating at least 2% of all World Wide Listings sales to blind or other disability related causes around the world.

Tafhim is enthusiastic about offering free consultation and personal mentoring to any disabled persons who wish to jump into the world of Amazon.


Our team of Native experts

Our localization team are found all across Europe, living in their respective countries. They interact with the local people on a daily basis, which helps them stay in tune with trends in the buyer’s market and any new trends. You would be surprised how much local phrases regularly change!

Interested in joining our fast-growing team of localization experts? We would be keen to hear from you!

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Working for World Wide Listings as a localization expert can offer fantastic opportunities to anyone with the right professional background.

Each potential member goes through a sophisticated vetting process which involves different tests in audio and written form. Naturally there are also senior localization specialists which audit and review all work before it is sent to our clients for deliveries, to ensure the utmost quality.

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