Professional Listing Translation in 4 Languages

Global Translations makes getting your listing translated completely hassle-free.We offer competitive prices and outstanding customer service to ensure you’re completely happy with your experience.After your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to upload your listing details.Please allow for 5-7 days to process your order.Want your translations sooner? Expedite your order by emailing us at

Localisation Package



Keyword research.

Cultural appropriation.

A generic template for a follow up email sequence in your language of choice.

Localisation from English to one country of your choice : Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

For more than one country – please go to our custom package as we should be able to offer you a discounted price.

Custom Package
Price : A formal quote will be provided following consultationand based on your specific requirements

Tailored solution to meet your specific needs. This might include but is not limited to:

Bulk deals of more than 1 listing page or localisation into more than 1 market place.

Create a listing from scratch for your product in German, French, Italian or Spanish with no source file to work from.

Create a top-notch listing page for you in English for customers wanting to sell in Amazon UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or India.

Your custom and tailored email follow up sequence in your languages of choice.

Translation of customer correspondance and your response to customer queries.

Professional Listing Translation in 1 Language

Basic Package $200 Per 9 images
  1. Send us your own images of your product
  2. We will edit and optimise based on Amazon requirements and your specifications.
  • Remove background
  • Crop, rotate, adjust contrast and enhance colours etc
  • Insert rulers for measurement
  • Add descriptive text.
  • Cut multiple images to create a single photograph (note this might have an impact on the final price).
Professional Package (recommended) $350 Per 9 images of 1 item
  1. Post us your items and we will take professional looking photographs.
  2. We will edit and optimise based on Amazon requirements and your specifications.
  3. 9 top quality images of one item delivered to you for your Amazon listing page.
  4. Images will be taken under controlled enviroment and lighting for best effect.
  5. We welcome and will try our best to encorporate any special instructions you may have
  6. Select up to 9 images for your final delivery. These will undergo post processing and any necessary digital editing.

If you require more than 9 images, or more than 1 item photographed then choose custom package and get a best price for your specific needs.

Custome Package (recommended)

Price: will be assessed post consultation and upon knowing your specific requirements.

  1. Any variation to the basic or customs package. This might include but is not limited to:
  • Bulk orders: we will assess your needs and strive to offer you a discounted price.
  • Outdoors images : may include the use of specific backdrops.
  • Models : for lifestyle images.

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